I think I have to write in english…

…otherwise I will get to many complains ! Danes claim they don’t understand Icelandic, and the Icelanders pretend they can’t understand danish. Well, it’s ok with me that they say that, it just tells me that the subject for my thesis is an actual problem and that I didn’t just imagine it ! 😉

These days I dream a lot – the dreams of a pregnant lady (not that I am a lady…I’m just not ether a women… and you can’t say a pregnant girl..that sounds like I’m 14 😉 ). There are the daydreams of how the baby will look like, what it will be like to be a mom, all the things I wish the baby to achieve in life, and so on. Then there are the dreams I have about the baby while I sleep. Until now I have always dreamt that it is a boy. Otherwise the dreams have been where I have just given birth to him (and never remember any pain.. ) and then something happens. Not bad things. Just some strange tings. Like the other day in the dream I was tired, and wanted Henrik to take over, and look after him. But he was so busy getting to work that he didn’t have time! Last night I dreamt that the baby boy was really small, and that he didn’t have enough blood, cause I forgot to take my extra iron. This morning I was of course very careful to take all my vitamins before I started the day 😉 I usually always dream a lot and sometimes my dreams come true. For about half a year ago, I dreamt that my mom was holding triplets in her arms. And about three months later my mom knew she had two grandchildren coming (my oldest brothers wife is expecting one in September). I’m excited to know where the third child will come from! 😉

These days things happen in slow motion. One planed thing a day is more than enough. I still hope that the Icelandic fresh air, my mums food, and some nice hot water will make my body come back to it’s old me. Then I might have the energy to finish my thesis in august..!


One thought on “I think I have to write in english…

  1. Æjæj þurfa Danirnir að skilja þetta? Þeir verða bara að læra íslensku! ;P En getur ekki verið að þetta barn í draumnum sé ritgerðin þín?

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