Still no pictures from Iceland..

…but they will, be there soon…when I will get out on the other side of my mountain, a.k.a. my thesis! Only 6 days to go and it’s like…sooon! It’s already many pages, so I think it will go ok 🙂 At least I will hand something in on monday, if that is enough to pass I will find out later 🙂

Until then I just write all I can…or at least I try to 🙂 And inbetween the little one reminds me that he’s or she’s still there inside my stomach, jumping around when I’m trying to concentrate 😉

Yesterday we went looking at few houses outside of Copenhagen. Nothing decided yet, and those two that we saw were not the dream houses. We will see what the bank wants to loan us and if we can find a house we like 🙂

Many exciting things ahead, but first first: finish that stupid paper…!


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