One thesis handet in….

Yesterday I handed in my thesis, finally! It was such a great feeling to finally be almost done with this chapter in my life. At least I don’t have to write one more sentence for that stupid projekt!! 🙂 Now I just wait for my execution day, the third of september, when I will have to go the exam and get my grade.

Until then I’m back at my job, finally! Haven’t been here since beginning of june and I really missed it (and my bank account missed the job even more!).

I’ve found out that it’s a really social person that I’m carring in my stomach. When I put my hand on my stomach the baby starts kicking my hand, just like it is a game ! The problem is then just that the most fun time to do this is in the middle of the night! I try to tell it that it’s time to sleep, but it seams that it’s already not listening to the mom…!

Soon I will get some pictures in here 🙂


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