(tak til Stine M for fotograferingen, jeg håber det er ok at jeg har stjålet billedet 😉 )

Last week the 3rd of September finally came! It was my last day of school, at least where I’m the student! I had my exam, that did not go so well, but now I have my degree and I never have to think about that stupid project ever again! When I came out of the exam Henrik and my friends from school were waiting for me with champagne (the children version without alcohol) and some cake – and  a lot of presents! 🙂 It was so nice 🙂 On the picture I was just getting out of the exam and still getting used to the fact that I don’t have to think about the project ever again! And that my study time is finally over…!

Now I work every day at the Nordic Council of Ministers with there web page. I have been working here for over a year now, until now I have just been working few days a week while I have been studying, but now it’s a full time job until I will start my maternity leaf in mid November.

So, beside enjoying the freedom me and Henrik are searching for a house to buy. We have to move out of the flat we are renting the 1st of December and we really want to move before the little one is already here.  Until now we have found two houses we are going to take a closer look at. They are both a bit outside of the city, but with the train it’s easy to get to town.  It’s both exciting and hard to find out what to do, which house to choose, and all this stuff. It’s of course also a bit decision, so it’s also quite scary! But at the same time… the biggest responsibility is of course the child that we have to take care of for the rest of our life…. the house is just money and loans that you can always get away from somehow 🙂

Now it’s time to keep on copy/pasting – some eager people are waiting for there pages to be updated!


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