Too many projects…too little time!

Now it’s like ages since I last time wrote anything on this site! Not so good.

But no news are good news. Been so busy buying a house, beeing pregnant and preparing movingday that I have not given myself time to update my blog.

We found the dreamhouse in the beginning of October. It’s a small nice red house made of red bricks. It’s situated in a suburb to Copenhagen called Skovlunde, on a typical quiet street and with our own big big garden 🙂 We get the key to the house on monday. My family is coming from Iceland to help with the moving. My dad comes already on Sunday so he can start painting the house on Monday. Then we have the week to prepare for moving day. I really really look forward to when we have moved in and I can just enjoy it ! 🙂

It’s also only 5 weeks left of the 40 weeks. I still don’t think the little one will choose to come to the world that day, most likely I will have the change to wait for 2 more weeks 🙂

When we have the house I will put some pictures online 🙂


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