The first icelandic santa clause came last night..

…but he forgot to give me a present! Probably cause I forgot to put my shoe out in the window so he could put the gift somewhere. Or cause I’m getting to old for that ? I’m already looking forward to Christmas in few years when our child can understand all this Christmas things and will look forward to Christmas all December. It will be a great opportunity to become a child again myself and be even more excited about the holidays :)

This year it’s a bit strange all this Christmas stuff. I’ve never before had a whole December with almost no plans, no work, school or exams, just waiting. And the strange thing is that I’m not really waiting for the 24th, just waiting for this little one in my stomach to come out! Since I’m already so long in my pregnancy it’s hard to do all the things I want to. To bake 2 kinds of cookies over one day is about what I can cope with! Then I have to spend at least few hours on the sofa and relax. I don’t sleep so good in the nights, since I wake up every 2 hours to go to the toilet and turn to the other side. A walk to the store (that is about 400 m from our house) is quite a project, so yes, It’s really a strange life :) I’m also so looking forward to get my body back, even though I know it will take some time :)

But since last time we have moved into our house here in Skovlunde just outside of Copenhagen. My family came to help with the moving which was great. My dad came and painted everything here inside and then we got some of our friends and family to help with moving. I got the project of making pancakes for the hard working people and didn’t get a change to move one single thing :) It went so fast with the moving that I had to cancel half of the moving- workingforsce and invite them instead to come and eat some pancakes.  We also used the opportunity while my family was here to go to Ikea to buy the furniture we needed for the little one and for our living room. We also found out it was really smart to have my mom and dad here to help Henrik put together all the Ikea stuff, it would have become a challenge with one pregnant lady and one impatient man ;)

After everything was at it’s right place here in the house my family went back to Iceland. Luckily I also managed to do something fun with them before they went back home – some shopping and we also managed to eat some good danish food and meet with Henriks family :)

And it’s just so lovely to live here! The house is great, the place is just perfect, and when the sun is shining like this morning, our living room is just the best place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with some Christmas cookies (which I have managed to make between relaxing times on the sofa.. ;) ) We are already excited for the summertime when we can start using our garden – and when the apples, grapes and berries are ready to eat from the trees :) Of course there will be non stop BBQ parties here next summer ;)

Tonight we are taking the change to go to a christmas party and hoping the little one will stay in it’s place at least until tomorrow. I have had no signs of him/her wanting to come out yet, and my Midwife says it’s already about 4 kg….!! So I suppose there will come a huge baby to the world in the next three weeks.. :)


One thought on “The first icelandic santa clause came last night..

  1. Freyja, mér finnst nú bara meira en nóg að baka tvær sortir af kökum á einu degi og þarf góða hvíld á eftir, ófrísk eða ekki ófrísk 🙂

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