Balder Henriksson Andersen

Then our son finally has an official name! 🙂 The babtisme went very well and he was just the nicest little one. He even smiled when he got the water on his head! Then he just sleept on my arm while everyone took pictures. The mom though made a mistake and had her woolen sweater on cause it was really cold that day. But when the picture-taking-time was there she was already too warm, and therefore looking so read in her face on all the pictures! But that’s life 🙂 After we had a party here at home for the family. My parents and brother came from Iceland and it was a really nice day. Next weekend we will have our friends over for the second party. Then for easter we will have the third party at home in Iceland! 😉 Yes, it’s nice to be the first born 😉

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